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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I have a couple of different hospitals that I work with - but, I don't really specialize in hospitals or medical.

I am running into some issues with listings for the practitioners within the hospital. When I took the client on we claimed all the GMB locations of the hospital (like 20), and have been maintaining them.

The marketing team that I work with is now starting to get complaints about the listings for practitioners, and some of them have the billing phone number, or the phone number of a different department etc. The trouble is, there are hundreds of practitioners at this place, and to try to claim them all would be tedious - and then maintaining them would be even more work.

Worse - I feel like bulk claiming them would run into a ton of issues for the profiles that are already out there, creating duplicates for some, and then having to prove ownership for others.

Has anyone else worked in a situation like this and have any advice? I think that claiming all these would be a bit of nightmare (even with bulk processing), but, I think that may be the only solution.

And what do you charge for this? Sheesh!
Hi @HoosierBuff I think ultimately, going the bulk verification route will be the best long-term solution. I have done this for a multi-location client in the healthcare vertical that has locations within hospitals and it was a bit painful getting through the bulk verification but well worth it once it's all sorted out.

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