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Apr 28, 2015
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On Bing you use to be able to get a specific local listing URL, but now it looks like Bing removed the "details" link on local listings. Does anyone know if there is a way to access this link still? Thanks!
I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that Bing is doing some layout tweaking. They have done a couple of minor layout changes in the dash as well. Nothing really significant, just very minor. But the "details" may have been part of that.
The details link is still there. It may only come up when you search for the business specifically. If that's not working, leave me an example and I'll try to get it working.

If you can find the details button and you mean that it now just redirects to map instead of the listing, just right click on "details" and save the link location. Inside the link location is the URL to the individual listing, you just need to delete everything after the unique number identifier. If you actually click on the details link it will redirect to Maps.

Let me know if you need more help!
Thanks for that Joshua, I didn't know you could still access that page. Good to know!

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