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Jul 22, 2013
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Given the various statuses and states of google pages, how can I tell the difference between a "brand" page and a "local business" page?

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The reason I ask is the other thread "tagline on Google+ Local page" brought up the subject of the tagline.
I can see that box (tagline/intro) on a brand page and I can see it on a client's local businesses page. But since no-one else is seeing it on LB pages, I'm wondering if client's local business page really isn't a LB page and is a brand page. Not 100% sure how to confirm it.
If that's the case (brand not local), could that be impacting the ability to show in the local results (which it does, BTW, just not for as many terms as we would like. I assumed that was because of website issues).
I know there's the address bit on the G+ page, but is that it? Is that the only indicator?
A Places Listing (that has yet to be upgraded with G+) is fairly easy to identify. There is a big Map for the cover photo.

A verified Local G+ Page is fairly easy to identify. There's a verified checkmark next to the profile image. If you hover over it, it will show Verified Local Business.

Some really giant Brand or Company pages have a verified checkmark too, but they say Verified Name.

It's the non-verified local G+ pages that are sometimes harder to distinguish from a Company, Brand or other G+ page. Fortunately, with the exception of a Google recently releasing a bunch of these into the wild, they are becoming less common.

First, you "Follow" pages and "Add" profiles. Sometimes people create a personal profile using their business name. So, if there is a big Add button, it is a profile page, not a business page.

Second, in the upper left navigation a Local page will normally show the Local icon in the navigation link. A Company or Brand page will show the Profile icon.

However, if you see a Profile icon instead of the Local icon, it does not guarantee that it is non-Local page. It can be deceiving since there is a way to share a Local page url in such a way that it also shows the Profile icon.

Third, with the exception to the example in other thread, if you see a Tagline on the About tab, it is not a Local page. I'm sure this holds true on the Desktop. Keep in mind that a Tagline is not the same as an Introduction or Story.

However, a Company or Brand page does not always have a Tagline. If they left the field blank it will not show.

Fourth, on the About Tab, a non-verified local G+ pages should have a category and an address with a Map.

That should cover you in 97.32% of the cases.

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