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Dec 3, 2019
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Hello. I was instructed today to discontinue running branded PPC because it impacts Google displaying the My Business profile. I know that running branded PPC is a debate all by itself, but I had never heard it impacts the business display. Is this accurate? Thanks for any insights!
Thank you very much Joy - I didn't believe so either. Have a good day!
Yeah, not true at all. I'm running paid ads for a local client and while this is a non-branded term they control a text ad spot, a map pack ad, map pack placement and organic placement. That wouldn't change for a "brand" term, because a keyword is a keyword. Google Ads doesn't split out "Brand vs Non-brand" queries automatically; that's up to you to decide what those are.
Thanks Eric! In hindsight, I think it was a tactic to gain some additional ad spend ( to shift in their direction..)

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