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Jan 28, 2016
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Hi all!

Hope you're all well.

I have a client that has many locations, some of which are in remote towns. They have a page on their website per location, on the pages for those locations in remote towns they also include a box number. E.g.:

#### - ## Street
Box 6###
Town/City, Province T## 1##

Now, in Google My Business this same location would just include the street address, town/city, province and postal code and no box number.

I'm basically wondering how this box number should be dealt with/handled? Any and all advice would be grateful.

Thanks for reading!
PO Boxes are not eligible for listings on Google My Business. Do they have physical storefronts at these addresses?
Yes, they have actual branches at each location.

As you can see from the address I provided, it seems to be the complete street address, just with the Box # thrown in there on the 2nd line.
I wouldn't list it as "box" because that's generally a sign it's a mail box and not a suite number. If it's an address and the "box" is actually their unit or suite number, you'd list this in address line 2.
I'm honestly confused at why they would use the word "box" if it's not a mailbox.
Maybe it's only in Canada?

Please see directions from Canada Post:


I'm Canadian :p

Again, that example is for a PO Box. They're not allowed on GMB.
Haha, please forgive me! Definitely not intending on offending!

I'm getting in touch with the client to see if I can clarify this in any way. Having checked Google Maps for one of their locations (that indicated a PO Box on their website) I can physically see their location there, it's definitely not a post office... :confused::confused::confused:
If they are in a building, all you need is the building address and suite number. Mailing addresses and physical addresses are sometimes different for businesses. On Google Maps, they go by physical addresses. What the post office says doesn't apply.
I'm just confused as to why they'd list a PO Box as part of the address on their website when it's the actual address of their physical branch?

Could we drop the box # from the address citation on the client website?
It's hard to say without knowing the business or address. The word "box" is not a way to describe a physical place, it's a way to describe a mailbox.
When you walk into their office, is that number on their door? Like Joy said, it's all about the physical address. Think of it from the perspective of a potential customer who has never been in their office before. Assume they have the address, and that's it. Would they be able to find the business with ease?

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