Apr 23, 2018
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Just got off the phone, these people crack me up. He said the fact it is still saying "located in Paradise" is 100% algorhythmic ( i think I just made that word up. )
The business was set to Las Vegas and Henderson NV, since "paradise" is between them that is another reason it will pick it up and show it. So he said to trick it, remove Henderson from the service area and wait a couple days till it removes Paradise, then I can add back Henderson if I want. Hope that made since!

He also said to "go ahead and search the company and click around on the reviews and pictures on my GMB for about 5 minutes, it doesn't even matter if its on your own devise. Do that multiple times a day and you see that is what most people dont understand is that the most influential way to make your rankings go up. " Yes that just happened!

He also said to add as many categories as possible .... seems most on here agree to keep categories to one major one. But he said having all possible will actually increase relevancy.

Usually I dont get much from these calls but I had this guy laughing from the get go so maybe he was just in a giving mood after that?
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