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Sep 19, 2012
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Hi guys,

A friend of mine changed one of his office location's Google Places page (had not been merged over yet) information - specifically, the name of the business and website. Google let him make the changes and said it will be sending a verification card. As soon as he was finished, he noticed all of his Google Reviews were gone.

This make sense, imo, because he was essentially signaling that a new and different business now existed at this location. Do any of you know, though, if there's a way to get those Reviews back? Could he possibly change the name and website back to the original?
No Chase, he can just ask Google to re-attach the reviews.

I announced this option almost exactly a year ago here in our G Reviews forum:

<a href="">New Option - Move Google Reviews</a>
Thanks for sharing that post Linda.

My only curiosity is that tool only works when you are moving reviews from one G+ Local page to another (unless I'm missing something).

So if the reviews are simply gone, and not attached to another listing, I'm not sure you could retrieve them. Linda?
Good point Colan!

Jade's help doc covers name changes.

"Rebrand: Reviews can be removed from the listing if there's been a significant change in well known, distinct brand name changes. Hotels or fast food establishment that switch franchise affiliations or car dealers that specialize in a different makes of cars would qualify for review removal.

Name changes related to change in underlying services: For instance, a business that switches from Jade’s Chinese Garden Restaurant to India Palace Restaurant, or Al’s Sporting Goods Store to Performance Bike Repair, would qualify for review removal."

But I checked the link to the tool and it does ask for 2 pages. Old and new.

So in this case I would try calling support. I'm pretty sure I've seen cases at the G forum where support was able to re-attach the reviews to the listing.

The reviews are in a separate database and just connected to a particular listing. But Google never throws any data away. (They occasionally lose it, but not on purpose.) Could be the name change and re-verification created a new CID. But the reviews are still in the database. Just need to be connected to this listing. IF they can. No guarantees but worth a shot!

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