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Feb 25, 2014
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Is there anything that you can tell on a GMB that if a change of address is entered, it will request a postcard?

I've changed addresses for clients in the past where they are moving less than a mile away and sometimes that change is instant, other times it requires recertification for the new address.

We have a client moving on August 8th. The idea would be to change the address info on the 1st, get the card, enter the details and off she goes.
However, if Google accepts the change instantly, then for 1 week, people will be going to the wrong location. (They run events out of their location, so people use the map quite a bit)

Any thoughts on if there is a way to tell if there will be a verification or a way to set the change but not take effect for "X" days?

I'd guess that if I change the address, it accepts instantly, so I change it back that will create it's own set of nightmares, especially when I try to then change it again :)
Hi Conor, in my experience, a move within the same city, for a business that is established doesn't trigger re-verification. A newer business, or a move to another city increases the chances of a re-verification.
Thanks for the response Colan.

I know we triggered a postcard when we moved our office from 144th street to 108th street, but it didn't trigger one when we moved from 108th to 120th. So I didn't know if there was a 1-mile radius or other designation.

For this client, we did the change in GMB, and it instantly changed, so of course, we changed it back - waited the extra 4 days, and changed it again. No trigger flags for doing that either.

It all worked out in the end.

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