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Sep 3, 2014
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I have a client that is one of three departments in a regional non-profit health care organization. The client is the "private duty" part of a combined organization with a name like "ABC home health, hospice and private duty". The client has a name like "ABC Private Duty".

The combined organization, including the department that is my client, has existed for more than forty years. Until now, they have always had just one website and have not marketed the private duty department separately from the other departments. Their existing citations all contain the NAP info for the combined organization. The client has a separate phone number, but the same address.

The client (the private duty department) just built its own website this year, and it has its GMB page but does not have separate social media pages of its own. The combined organization has given its blessing to allowing the private duty department to market itself because its business model is very different from the other two (private pay vs. third-party pay, medical care vs. non-medical care, etc.) The client is still mentioned in the combined organization's website and the NAP for the combined organization.

From a local SEO standpoint, should the client build its own citations with its own NAP? Should it have its own social media pages (Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn)? I think that the answer is yes, but I'd sure appreciate having other opinions from others here in the forum).

Each business should have its won GMB, Citations, Social sites and web page. This will allow you to rank for each business you offer in the local pack. If you decide to combine all business, make sure each has a dedicated web page and GMB account.
Hey - does anyone here have anything else to add? I'd welcome any and all help with this!


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