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Jul 21, 2014
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This is now the third time I've run into this situation.

I have a client who changed their website URL. They have many citations already created through a 3rd party who did not give them the username and passwords for the sites. So we cannot simply go back in and edit the existing citation.

Any suggestions on the best way of cleaning up this type of mess?

The website it's pointing to is still live but it's using duplicate content (with a canonical link) from the site we want it to go to. I'm not sure if doing a 301 redirect from the old site would be a way of addressing the problem but that's an option if it is.

Hi Lloyd and welcome! :)

Thanks for posting in the right forum. Darren and Nyag from Whitespark and other citation pros watch this section so hopefully someone can help. Citations are not my strong suit, so I'll let them weigh in.
Most sites will offer a method to update listings, and if not, just try contacting them. If they don't provide either, they're not an overly important site in the ecosystem and you shouldn't worry about them.

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And let's say we outsource to something like, maybe, Whitespark? Would a 3rd party service also be able to update those listings?

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