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Dec 12, 2013
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I've searched the archives, and I can't find a good state of the art of this question.

As a consultant, What is the best practice for claiming multiple places accounts for a different customers.

- I'm running into hurdles creating new gmail accounts
- Purchasing gmail accounts didn't work
- I tried to get new phone numbers through twillio (didn't work).

what are some of the best practices here, and what are the risks?

Hi HoosierBuff,

Best practice by far is clients domain email. or whatever.' Google prefers it and and it can help if there is an account conflict.

And user their existing actual local number. Not a new # bought from somewhere. That breaks NAP.

Most mature businesses at this point already have a claimed Place page, so you just need to get their log in and manage in their existing account.

I'd like to expand on what Linda noted, and suggest the ideal way to manage multiple client listings involves both:

1) using the client's domain email as the owner, and
2) adding your own account, or bulk management account, as a page manager*

*Settings > Manage listing access > Add Managers > [your manage email] Invite new manager

While your clients' own email accounts provide the best source for ownership, adding yourself as a manager, or having your client(s) add you as a manager, allows you to share control of page posting and settings (with multiple clients) without them having to share their personal email information.

Within a single dashboard, this also allows you the manager to globally access all of your clients' # of followers, latest post dates, verification status, insights and make necessary updates and edits to business details.

I would also make the suggestion to each client that their owner account be sufficiently personalized (e.g., profile pic, "works at" ..., "lives in" ..., etc.).

Hope this helps :)

Owners and managers on Google+ Pages

Adding a manager to your page

Transferring ownership of your page
Seems like your problem runs a bit deeper than the logistics. Which niche are you in? Creating Gmails, using Twilio is all stuff that works just fine to claim profiles and such, or so it has for me in the past. I get the feeling there is something more to this that you aren't sharing. Give us more detail and perhaps we can provide more insight.
Sounds like she is doing lead gen, and not client work. Why would you use twilio numbers and buy gmails?
what are some of the best practices here, and what are the risks?

Best practice with no risk is to do it straight up and use the client's domain email as Google suggests.

Seems like you aren't regular consultant doing things the normal way, but are trying to find a way to get around things.

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