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Sep 3, 2014
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My firm has traditionally given our biggest clients a gift on some date between Thanksgiving (US) and Christmas. The past two years we have given them gift boxes with Popcornopolis "gourmet" popcorn treats, ordered via

They only cost around $50 US and they were very popular with clients. Ordering them via was also very convenient. The clients could share them with their office people if they wanted and that was another point in their favor.

We would like to find something else this year, just to not be in a rut. We don't want to make donations in their name or something like that, we would like to give thm something that they and their teams would enjoy.

Do you give holiday gifts to your bigger clients? Whether you do so or not, can you think of other things for us to send that would be in a similar price range and also similarly convenient and fun for our clients?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.
Giving clients gifts this time of year is a great way to show you have a relationship and they aren't just paying you money.

One idea we've been mulling is getting shirts/hats/cups for our clients with our logo. Sites like Custom Ink make it easy and affordable to create and send these.

We've had clients send us things like cookies, gift cards, office decorations which were all very pleasant gifts.

Curious to see other ideas as we are getting ready to start sending gifts as well and are also in search of some new ideas.
I usually send my best / oldest client a small box of (one of my favorite) cigars. Often I'll send a couple of other clients an item, usually an Amazon gift card.
I began by giving gifts (Hugh calls them 'awards') from @gapingvoid a few years ago, cost about $55 per all in. Last year I moved to Amazon Gift cards (real hard card sent in a Holiday 'stocking' supplied by Amazon), sent $100.00 cards to my long term as well as highest recurring revenue clients, sent $50.00 cards to rest of recurring revenue clients, and a Holiday card to everyone else. All our clients want (like the rest of us humans) is to feel appreciated. If they all went away tomorrow, I'd still do it - as @gapingvoid says; "Abundance begins with gratitude"
I got great feedback from ordering David's Tea last year. I ordered online and had it sent to my client's. I am planning to do it again - waiting for Black Friday. I was lucky to get a 2for1 special last year (I think!). Only downside is that no matter how many times you unsubscribe, you can't get off their newsletter!
Some of my clients are tiny, with only two or three people in the office, others are much larger, with many people in the office and multiple locations. It's hard to find gifts that work in all client situations.
Problem is sending gift baskets (always a hit), but challenge is finding one that allows a mixture of branding.
finding one that allows a mixture of branding.
We never include any branding materials other than a card with our company name on it. Maybe we're missing out there but then again, I never appreciated receiving holiday gifts from our vendors that had their logos etc. on them, like coffee mugs, etc with their logo.

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