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Jul 19, 2012
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Wasn't sure where to post this question since it's not really specifically a local issue as the listing is found in organic search results, but...Can anyone refer me to a resource that best describes how Google uses the business owner image in search because they've got me a bit confused on this?

I've got a business with 3 users on the website (Wordpress), an admin and two other users, (including myself). A particular page was created by the admin, but shows up in search with my partner's image next to it. His Google + link is also there. The page was created by him, but under the admin user access and not his own user profile within Wordpress.

Since the page is not associated with him or his Google + profile in anyway, I'm trying to figure out why his image is showing in search for this particular page.

The best I can figure out is this: My business partner does so much posting on the site (under both his own name and the admin since he has admin access) and refers to the site so much in his Google Plus posts that Google is just attributing certain posts to him, whether he actually wrote the page or not.

Anyone else have a better answer?

OK, just read the first to resources and have already read the one from Webmaster Tools. This definitely shed some light on the problem. Checking a few things now. Thanks for the help!

Dino, could you maybe post a link to the page so that we can check it out a little more? If you don't want to post the actual URL here, you could use a URL shortener if you'd like.

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