Joe Good

Nov 24, 2020
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A new client was set up and verified via postcard approximately 10/19/20. We have been stuck as Pending Your business is verified. Listings may be reviewed for quality and can take up to 3 days to be published.

They are showing up on maps but with no info. R&R Janitorial

We have an open case (3-8229000030965) and have been informed a specialist is looking into and to please be patient as I did follow up with them once already. Last communication from Google was on Nov 18.

I believe the issue is with the name of the company as it’s not their official name.

Current name in GMB: R&R Janitorial
Legal name: R & R Janitorial Services Inc

My question is should I edit the name to the legal name and then respond to them with the NYS corp doc attached showing the changes? I understand the category they are in tends to be spammy, and unfortunately, there are multiple companies with similar names that may be holding this one up.

On a side note, I have added: 'legal company name' to my client intake form to avoid in the future.

Thank you for any help/insights you can provide.


LocalU Faculty
Jul 18, 2012
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I wouldn't touch the name - that could actually cause it to get suspended since it's so newly verified. If you want to post a thread on the GMB forum (Sign in - Google Accounts) and DM me the link to the thread, I'd be happy to send it to Google for you. They take about a week to reply but it sounds better than what you're experiencing currently. Please include

1. Your business name & address
2. The case ID for the open request
3. A link to where Google can see the business is real (Secretary of State, BBB etc)

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