Which cloud-based accounting system -if any- do you currently use?

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Tim Colling

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Sep 3, 2014
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Online Accounting Systems

I hope that this is an appropriate question for this section of the forum. If not, I'm sure that one of the moderators will move it.

I need to select a cloud-based accounting system for my company, and I need to do it pretty soon. I'm a CPA as well as a former software engineering manager, and I'm very familiar with accounting and tax reporting.

The sort of solution that I'm thinking about is something like Xero, FreshBooks, or QuickBooks Online (though I'm not really an Intuit fan, especially not a fan of their online business products). There are a lot of other ones too, like Sage, Zoho, Kashoo and more.

I own a small business that provides online marketing and website development for other businesses. I have no employees and I *never* will. That means that while I won't need payroll processing nor W2 processing, I do still need to process 1099s for independent contractors who work with my firm.

I have used QuickBooks for years for my companies (this current one plus another that I sold last December) and I need to migrate my accounting to a cloud based solution for several reasons. For one thing, Intuit is end-of-life'ing my current desktop QuickBooks version (the 2013 version), and I don't want to pay to upgrade it to a newer version.

I'm not a big fan of Intuit, especially since they hired a new Chief Technology Officer to whom I used to (not very happily) report back when I worked in an enterprise software company in the early 2000s.

Also I prefer to have as much as I can be cloud-based, for all the reasons you might imagine.

I do need to be able to invoice clients, charge their credit or debit cards, record and pay vendor invoices and so forth.

For those of you who already are using a cloud-based solution, would you mind speaking up and saying what you like or dislike about it? Also, if you're charging customers' credit/debit cards, which payment processor are you using, and does it integrate well with the cloud-based accounting system that you are using? And are you satisfied with its 1099 processing capabilities?

I hope that this question isn't too far off-topic for this forum.

Thank you in advance for taking time to respond and help!
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