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Jan 3, 2020
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Does anyone know of any resources for this category? It doesn't look like posts are an option. I think the main things I will focus on is optimizing the profile, reviews, photos & spam fighting.

Is there anything else unusual or can be focused on in this category? Thanks!
I wouldn't expect there to be much spam, if any, in this category since you have to physically show up to get the service/product. Make sure the convenience stores & gas stations have their own listings & categories.

I do know that gas stations have gas prices auto-generated on their knowledge panels so that is something to keep an eye on to make sure they're accurate.
Thanks! I have seen a bit of name spam, but correct, not location spamming due to the physical location. I'll work on the categories & photos with them. I had thought of the gas prices but didn't realize it was automatically generated. definitely need to keep up with that.
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