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Aug 5, 2021
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Hey Everyone!

I have a real estate client who originally set up her GBP under a business name and at an office address.

She has since closed down that office and moved into the local offices of the broker with which she works. This broker is a national brand.

She is now asking us to help her change the profile address to that of the national broker's local office. Per Colan Neilsen's excellent primer, 99 Problems: Realtor Local SEO Ain’t One, I advised the client she shouldn't do that, and instead set up a practitioner listing.

I'm thinking, though, that we can convert her existing business profile into a practitioner listing by doing the following:

1.) changing the primary category from "real estate agency" to "real estate agent".
2.) set it to a service area business.
3.) change the address to her home.

She will have to re-verify, but we would preserve the existing profile, which has 79 reviews on it.

My question is, do you think this strategy will set off any red flags at Google? We are switching the primary category from a business to a person. And from Google's perspective, the reviews were for her real estate company, not her as a real estate agent. Though in reality, those reviews are for her because she was the sole practitioner at that real estate company.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.



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