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Jun 28, 2012
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It's been commonly known for years that Internet conversion rates are 1 - 2%. But I have not heard reports of how much higher conversion rates are via phone.

30 - 50% conversion rates - according to this study!

I think that's especially true for local businesses. Marketing consultants always want to track traffic and clicks and worry about whether Insights stats are accurate, but I'm sure for local phone calls is where it's at! And of course more and more the calls are coming from mobile.

Check out this post from Greg Sterling over at Marketing Land.

<a href="">Report: Calls Have 30 To 50 Percent Conversion Rates, Most Come From Mobile</a>

Report finds that 75 percent of calls to businesses come from smartphones.

A call is, generally speaking, a better lead than a click. But how much better is striking: calls have 30 to 50 percent conversion rates while clicks top out at 1 to 2 percent. That?s according to a new Call Intelligence Index report from Invoca.

... The analysis determined that mobile marketing (search, display, etc.) was responsible roughly 54 percent of all calls to businesses. And 45 percent of calls to businesses came as a result of a mobile search.

Beyond this the overwhelming majority of business calls (75 percent) come from mobile phones.

Head over to read and see the charts including: The Top 10 Marketing Channels Driving Calls.

Great info! Thanks Greg!

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