Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
How do you write compelling content for a tree stump removal company or a worse yet a funeral home? We have to admit there are many local business niches that are on the boring side - or in the case of funeral homes, are downright hard to develop content for.

Dan Brotzel just wrote a good post over at eConsultancy that shows some great examples. So if you have clients in boring industries and need a little inspiration, head over.

<a href="">Six examples of interesting content from ?boring? businesses | Econsultancy</a>
(Just a snippet - so click the link to read full post.)

It?s easy enough to create amazing content if you?re ASOS or Red Bull or LEGO. But what if you?re a dentist or a funeral provider or you sell Hoover spare parts for a living?

In the world of content marketing, ?boring content? seems almost to have become a genre in its own right.

Second, your business?s content isn?t boring if it?s telling your users what they need to know in a generous, informed and editorially approachable way.

And third, constraints and challenges are grist to the content marketer?s mill ? cause for creativity, not complaint.

So with that in mind, I?ve been doing a bit of digging for examples of less-than-obviously sexy businesses who?ve come up with marketable content that?s well worth engaging with.
Do you have clients in boring industries?
Any other ideas to share?

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