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Google does not really spell out the rules on that one I think because then it just lets the spammers know what the boundaries are.

Did you have a more specific question about whether certain wording would cause a problem?
I don't understand the secrecy... If the spammers stayed within known boundaries they would cease to be spammers.

Previously you mentioned that even describing what you do in the description is a violation, which seems very odd. I mean if Google applied that logic to the description tag for websites, every single site on the planet would be penalised. Surely it's there to allow you to describe what you are and do?

When I look at any seven pack for any industry, I can't say I've seen a single one that does not use keywords etc in their description (I'm not talking keyword spamming, just measured use of target keywords), so why aren't they penalised if it's a violation?
If you ask me (which you kinda did by posting here) I don't think there are any rules, so no guidelines. Just think of it like any webpage, don't abuse it.
Previously you mentioned that even describing what you do in the description is a violation, which seems very odd.

Nope never said that. What spammers often do is excessive KW and city repetition.

I've never said you can't describe what you do. But if you repeat your name, all the keywords that are already in your categories and your city over and over, then I've seen what I believe are ranking penalties.

I've seen Mike Blumenthal say that repeating city in description can cause a 10 point ranking penalty, so I'm not the only one that believes this.

Now if you mention main KW and city once it's probably fine, but I think the algo looks at description IN ADDITION to other things and a spam filter can get tripped.

Do you see listings that have excessive KW repetition and still rank? Yes.

Are there speeders on the road that the law has not caught up with yet? Yes.

If you have a spammy description or speed, will you eventually get caught? Possibly.

Now on the flip side does it HELP ranking to risk a spammy KW filled description? No.

I don't think that KWs in description directly help ranking. But what you put there CAN influence conversions.

You'll only rank for the city your listing is in, so why take precious space repeating it? Anyone searching for KW city knows you are in that city.

And you are mainly going to rank for the KWs in categories. AND if your main KWs are already in name like yours are you are covered.

Better use of the description is content that will help convert. Talk more about BENEFITS not KWs. On-time service, quality, ease of use or whatever makes you stand out from the competition.
Thanks for the advice Linda, makes sense.

(Not sure where I got the idea that you said *no* keywords could be in the description *at all*, got a bit confused)
I've been known to say don't keep repeating the same KWs that are in your categories and in your case your KWs are in your name too. So if you repeated your name (which is not advised) and that same KW twice then it would be in there 3 times and could look spammy. But you could use a synonym or list additional services as long as they aren't the same KWs as in cats.

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