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Aug 30, 2023
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I was taking a look at some restaurant GBPs after reading a recent post by @Marcin Karwowski - New 5th Menu button on restaurant profiles | Google Business Profile (GBP) & Google Maps

I came across another section I have never seen before "Directory".

It definitely puts some more foot traffic into any physical location that has an ATM when you can search for it in Google Maps.

I double checked and that "business" is not currently managed.

Airport Tavern Directory.jpg


@ElizabethRule what steps did you try? I just tried these steps tonight:

I will see if that triggers any change in the 7 Eleven listing.
Oh I see what you mean now, I was just searching for places near me that have ATMs and did not see the directory option pop up. I did not try to make an ATM listing myself.
This is just the normal occurrence when a GBP contains other GBPs on mobile. On browser, it shows as the at this place "feature". HOWEVER' I now believe the only actual difference "directory" and "at this place" is how many GBPs are present. If there are few enough that Google shows them all (two is okay, I think three is the likely maximum), it's "at this place" on a computer, but both are shown as "directory" on mobile.

See the same GBP on desktop, and bonus Pharmacy with two included GBPs:


Google said no to my addition of a third party bank machine to that location btw:


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