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Aug 18, 2014
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I just came across something that I have never seen before and I am hoping that someone on here can shed some light as to what it means.

I did a phone number search on classic maps to make sure there were no dupes of my client's listing. When his listing came up I noticed that his display picture did not show up, but instead there was a gray exclamation mark. Has anyone seen this before? does it mean there's some sort of violation on the account?

Hey Nikki, this normally happens when a photo is deleted from a listing. Its a temp. place holder. Not ideal but it should eventually go away.
Funny Nikki, I've never heard anyone raise the penalty concern.

Never really thought of it in that light before but if I was a business owner and saw that I would TOTALLY think maybe it was a penalty or warning that I'd done something wrong.

Now that you bring it up, I'm surprised we aren't having posts come up about that at the G forum.

"All I did was change images - why am I being penalized or getting some kind of warning?"
Hey Nikki,

Good find. I saw that exclamation mark a couple weeks ago. Didn't look in the Maps view, though: It was showing as the business's profile photo. I looked around for others with exclamation-mark photos, but couldn't find any, so I couldn't figure out a pattern.

What Colan says makes perfect sense. Thing is, I didn't see exclamation marks before. They seem recent.
Thing is, I didn't see exclamation marks before. They seem recent.

That's right, the place holders I remember seeing had the "no entry symbol", not an exclamation point! The plot thickens :)
Has anyone ever come across a problem with the client Listing photo being replaced with a google street view photo and that street view photo being an old photo from over 12 months ago?

Im bamboozled by how it happened and how to move it back to the more recent building makeover. even street view is now showing the older image like it was rolled back in time.

Appreciate any help on this one.

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