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Jun 16, 2013
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Has Google Places or Google Local been merged with Google Plus? If I have a verified Google Plus business page, do I need a Google Places listing? I cannot find where to add categories in the Google Plus listing without doing it in Google Places local here:
You should probably think of the verified local Google+ page as another name for the public facing page which is also your Places Listing.

If you have been upgraded to the New Places Dashboard, you can manage the core business data (and categories) via the link you listed above.

But the exact same interface is available once you are logged in as a Manager inside the G+ page management interface and click Edit Business Information.
Thanks Keenan!

I was just coming to say same thing. You can add cats in G+. Just "manage this page" then click "Edit Business Information" and it's right in there under contact info.
Thank You keenan and Linda. I found it with your help. I was looking in the wrong area. It's all very confusing because of all the changes. It is very hard to keep up. Thanks for the help.

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