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Mar 15, 2016
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Does Online Review Management Fall Under Digital or Social?


Does online review management fall under digital or social? It?s a question that doesn?t even appear on most organization?s radar. But it should.

It?s no wonder with so many marketing strategies out there, it?s easy to get overwhelmed. It?s easy to think, ?It doesn?t matter where it falls!?

In fact, who cares? As long as we?re getting the results we need from our reviews there?s no problem. Businesses have fallen into the trap of believing it doesn?t matter. Maybe you?ve heard the saying.

Perfect is the enemy of good!

The implication is that you focus on good first, then when you?re established, you perfect things as you go along.

This strategy will undermine your reviews

Choose the wrong team and your reputation is at stake.

1. Customers who leave positive and negative reviews are ignored.

2. Your team?s response to customer problems are perceived as cold and clinical or pleasant yet unreliable. It?s especially a problem if an agency is working on your behalf.

3. Review management becomes difficult or impossible to quantify.

4. When you do get results they?re one sided. You protect your reputation but customers are unsatisfied and unhappy, or customers are happy but you?re losing money.

Someone needs to take point on your review marketing campaigns; you?re faced with two choices, digital or social. But you find yourself in a tough spot. This gets even more complicated if you have more than one agency working for your company. Who?s handling your online review management? Not all digital marketing firms offer these services.

There?s a steep price to pay regardless of the team you choose. How do you handle a situation like this?

Your situation demands you accept your fate

Place your review management in the digital basket and you?re often left with a quantitative approach that?s cold and clinical. While customers are looking for empathy and compassion, digital usually focuses on results and returns.

Shift review management to the social side and qualitative ?results? become the norm. Customers may leave an engagement feeling good about their interaction with your brand, but your pockets are empty.

Sure, some digital marketers focus on emotional intelligence and some social media marketers care about analytics. But, it?s going to be a disaster either way ? at least until you realize the truth. Shifting your review management to digital or social isn?t the problem?

The real problem: Operational silos

In this article, Andrew goes on to show examples of how operational silos can be problematic for providing good customer support to unhappy customers when they leave a review.

Read the full article here.

Discussion: When you're offering Online Review Management and Marketing to your clients, how do they handle Online Review responses?

Does their support team monitor them, their social media team, or does it fall under digital marketing?

Does it typically fall through the cracks or are your clients on top of it?



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