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May 15, 2016
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Is there anyway to download photos from my GMB? It seems like the option do not exists
Not that I can see from GMB on the front end. How did the photos get on the page if you didn't add them? Were they customer added, or did someone else from your team add them?

Please provide a little more information, so we get a better picture what' going on.
Hi Eric!
I added them but i lost it from the computer. So even when i am logged in to GMB there is no option to download those photos.
I don't believe there is, even with getting a little technical and trying to pull the filename directly. There may still be a way that I don't know about, but at the very least, there doesn't appear to be a direct way in the interface to do that.
This is bad news. But thank you for letting me know James.
One way you could possibly do this is to use an offline browser. Essentially, you would start the offline browser, visit the pages, and then the offline browser will save all the pages (and the images) to your local drive. You can then grab all those image files that the offline browser saved.

Offline browsers work so that you can view websites literally offline--without an internet connection.
Is there anyway to download photos from my GMB? It seems like the option do not exists

try this method, it works fine with me
@Ezz Ashater that's the only way I've been able to do it, only the how to you shared has a few more steps than necessary. Just navigate to the photo, and download it from the report a problem section. No need to go to the profile of the person who posted it.
Old thread bump, I know, but I ran into this today and have a solution which is especially helpful if the listing is no longer showing in SERPs, but you still have access to the listing in GMB dashboard. The steps listed below are done in Google Chrome so you may have to tweak the process to work with your setup.

1) Log into Google My Business and go to the listing in question.
2) Once you're in the listing, click Photos in the left nav.
3) With the photos now appearing as thumbnails bring up Chrome's Inspect Elements panel by right clicking and choosing Inspect, or from the browser's main navigation bar (View -> Developer -> Inspect Elements on MacOS).
4) With the Inspect panel up, use the Select tool (the icon of a square with an arrow inside it found in the top left corner of the Inspect Elements panel) and then click one of the pictures in GMB.
5) This will highlight the image URL in the Elements section of the Inspect panel. Right click the highlighted URL and Open in new tab.
6) You'll notice that the image opened as a thumbnail and not the actual size. In order to get the actual size, remove everything after the =s at the end of the URL and change it to =s0 and reload the page.
7) Now you have the image in full size and when you save it, you'll also keep the original file name from when it was uploaded to the account.

Hopefully this was helpful for future searches.
Google My Business uses Google account to work, right?
So, use Google Takeout option for GMB data - Sign in - Google Accounts
It download .json files for almost everythig expect video and photos - original uploaded file.
Here's an easier way in a short screencast :

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