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Feb 23, 2015
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Hi, I've tried to write a quick summary. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Initially when I started off looking at the GMB page, the GMB listing had a permanently closed message, even though it showed up for the company's brand.

I was able to get the 'permanently closed message removed, through phoning the GMB support number.

I updated the GMB listing to a custom URL.

The GMB listing struggled, it was almost at the end of the listings, and looked like it was suffering some sort of penalty.

I thought these changes would make a difference.

There are still citations in niche business directories with the old address.


Recently I noticed another GMB listing for the old address that I thought had been previously deleted.

I phoned GMB support, they told me they would get this listed as 'moved', and it would appear on the listing in a couple of day.

That was 6 weeks ago. Nothing appears to be done.

Second Office

The company has a 2nd office out of town, in a smaller regional town.

This isn't the main office, and is now the one showing in a search for the main city and service.

This appears at the back end of a search in the GMB listings.

This listing appears in and one or two other niche business directories.

It's all a bit of a mess, anyone got any advice?

Hi Michael,

If you would like to provide the business details I can move this post to the help section and we can start some troubleshooting for you.

Thank you Colan,

Business is Reid Black
bt4 1nt
ReidBlack .com

Yes that's right, it's the old address, the page I asked GMB to remove, and they said they would mark it as 'moved address'.

I'm guessing there is plenty of factors involved, so doing my best to clean it all up.
What search queries are you wanting to rank for?
Sorry for the delay Michael. I will try and look into this further tomorrow.
Colan, thank you very much, it's very much appreciated.
Just shout if you need any clarification.
One thing that jumps out at a quick glance is that most of the listings that rank for "solicitors belfast" have "attorney" or "law firm" as their primary category. Your listing is using "Legal Services".

Another thing that jumps out is that your listing is located quite far from the cluster of businesses that are ranking for that specific search term.

Thirdly, I would do some onsite optimization. "Solicitor" is only mentioned a few times on the website. I would do some research into related terms and question discovery to see what potential clients are asking Google when they are searching for things that this business can provide a solution to. Answer The Public is a great tool to accomplish this.
Hi Colan, some feedback and thoughts.

1. The website has 'Law Firm' as a secondary category. I'll add 'Lawyer' as well, and possibly demote 'Legal Services' to secondary category.

2. The cluster of offices towards the city centre may be a factor, though I don't believe it is a major factor. There are other businesses that show higher that are further away. I'm also trying to get to the reason why this listing severely under performs and there's plenty of businesses further afield that rank higher.

3. Organically the on site SEO is fine. There are mentions in the title, in headers and in paragraphs.

4. My theory is that it has something to do with the citations on niche business directories where there are still occurrences of an old address. It's extremely difficult to get these removed.

5. There is also a second office, out of town, that is showing in the GMB listings. This uses a different name. This listing appears instead of the more important one that you would expect to appear for the search term.

Any thoughts?

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