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Jun 28, 2012
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Max Minzer wrote sort of an epic 1st post for his new blog. The title does not really do it justice. But it's very comprehensive and filled to the brim with TONS of local search goodness!

He even shares a Local Business Listing Management spreadsheet you can use to keep everything straight. It's long, incredibly detailed and even includes links to FAQs, support and other pertinent info for each data provider.

<a href="">Be Where Your Customers Are with Local Business Listings</a>

I am not here to convince you to chase all new trends, fast-paced technology and networks but to help you understand which technologies separate you from existing or potential customers. I want to present you with an easy-to-understand collection of resources and help you take control of your business listings to reach and re-engage with your customers with this first post on ReEngage Consulting.

You already know that there are Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages and many other listings for your business online. You’re feeling the weight of more and more people telling you how they found your service through apps, searching or reading reviews.

It’s a challenge for the busy business owner, that you are, to transition from the hard work of running offline/physical business to adding and managing online business listings as extensions of that business. There are time restraints, not knowing where to start or get support and resources. I’d like to remove some of these constraints.

This information and instructions are far from definitive. But take control of these listings and you will win big and will be far ahead of the curve. You don’t have to stop once you control and verify your business listings. Use appropriate business listings for engagement, connections and marketing.

Your potential customers are searching for you online. Congratulations for making effort to remove gaps separating them with your business!

Head to the link above to take it all in. It's worth a big bookmark if you do citation work for clients.

What do you think? Epic right???
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This is a really great resource!

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