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Mar 27, 2019
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Hi, not sure what's going on but every single GBP post I'm trying to post is instantly getting removed with this error. I tried rephrasing, and keeping it very professional and not sales-driven, nothing helps.
Can you share a few post examples so we can take a look? We need to see the image and the content of the post.
It's every text I try, even without a photo, I also tried to use the same text that was accepted in other GBP profiles. I think something is buggy with this specific profile. Did you hear about something like that before? Do you know who I should contact at Google support to get it checked/resolved as soon as possible?

Many thanks!
I can't help being reminded of the delay google imposes before displaying photos on new profiles... We've never started posting immediately on a new profiles so I wouldn't know whether this is teh case.
A contributor in Google's communities said it's a known bug that affects only small amount of businesses and the team works on solving it. Until then I need to open a ticket for Google's team to approve each update manually.

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