Jul 22, 2014
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Hello Group,

Can anyone give me some recommnedations on getting a Service Area GMB Unfiltered? It is not suspended, but quit showing in any results. If I type exact name it shows but that does not do me much good. It is an old listing (8-10 years) and maybe at one point I posted a photo that was shared with another GMB. Not sure what steps I could take to unfilter it to show on results again.

Also any other ranking tips that are newer ? I have all the basics down pretty well.

Thanks for any advice.

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
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Unless it's in the same building as - or otherwise extremely close to - another business that's in the same category or a very similar one, then it's probably not filtered.

One thing I'd do is confirm that you're in fact not ranking for zip, by (1) checking "Performance" and "Queries" in Search Console and (2) spot-checking your rankings in various locations in the Anonymous Ad Preview Tool.

Then I'd reevaluate those basics, and whether you check the main boxes:

  • Does GMB point to the landing page URL (rather than to a "location" page)?
  • Does the title tag pleasantly plump with the main 1-2 search terms and 1-2 cities you care most about?
  • Does the homepage describe your service area explicitly?
  • Does the homepage have a paragraph or so on every specific service you care about, with links to the corresponding subpages?
  • For that matter, do you have an in-depth page on every service that's a priority, and do you link to those pages at every good opportunity?
  • Do you get at least a steady trickle of Google reviews, and maybe reviews on other sites?
  • Do you have at least a few links from sites relevant to your location, and a few other links relevant to your profession, and did those links take a little trouble to get?

And so on. I'd call those the basic basics, and if you focus on those you'll always be at least in decent shape.
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