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Jul 19, 2012
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Hi folks, long time since I've posted, but have a question...

One of my service area clients, an HVAC business who serves customers at their location and does not show his address, is gone from literally all searches except his business name.

It looks like he's been filtered for some reason and I can't get an answer from Google reps other than I need to add pictures, make more posts, etc. They say the listing is fine.

Clearly it is not. Previously he had been in the 2-6 position for most searches relating to air conditioning, heating, HVAC, etc. Now, he's not visible at all, not even the last page.

I need to troubleshoot this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? What can I try?

I've read through the forum and have found a few posts on filtered businesses from late 2016 when there seemed to be a bigger problem with filtering at the time, but nothing recent.

The listing was fine one day and then disappeared about 4-5 weeks ago.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Dino,

Where is your client located? The filter could be because Google's expanding their home service ads to your client's location. Here's an article going over what happened to SABs in San Diego when the home service ads hit. If that's what's going on, you're stuck either advising the client to get a proper office and displaying their address, or switching to a pay-to-play with the home service ads.

The other possibility is that there's another HVAC company on the same block as you that was formerly filtered, but has just pulled ahead and now your client's getting filtered instead. That kind of filter is from the possum update. The first posts talking about it are from September, 2016, but the filter itself is still very much in effect. There was another thread on this topic earlier in the week you might want to check out.
Thanks, James. I'll check out all those possibilities.
Thanks, James. I'll check out all those possibilities.
Hi Dino, would you be interested in sharing the business listing here so we can help you troubleshoot?

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Hey guys, thanks for your input. We finally got it working again. We just went through everything, updated content, started posting, uploaded more images, got more reviews, updated structured data and fought endlessly with Google reps. Not sure what got it working again, but I'm fairly confident our conversations with Google had the least impact.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to give feedback.
Congrats! Always feels good to get an obvious win like that for the client. Thanks for updating us on how it went.

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