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Feb 29, 2020
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Hello LocalU forum,

One of our newest dealer/franchise clients that our agency has onboarded is called Junkluggers (junk removal services). They are nation wide and have local Junkluggers franchise/businesses in most states. Our agency builds a localized website for each individual business nationwide and they are also listed with a profile on the hub site.

What I'm experiencing in Organic search is that when we search on brand (direct search) for the localized Junkluggers sites - the hub Junkluggers site ranks ahead of them time and time again. Sometimes taking up the 1-2 and 3 spot before the localized site is displayed in SERPs.

A few examples below:
  • Junkluggers of Greater Boston - Home
  • Junkluggers of New Haven - Home
  • Junkluggers of San Antonio - Home
  • Junkluggers of Williamsburg - Home

In the examples above - we can see from the screenshots - I'm logged out and using an incognito session and searching on their brand. In each example or screenshot for their direct search we see the hub site ranking #1 for each one. It appears we have the Google My Business profiles set-up accordingly and sending users to the local sites and not the hub.

Is this simply that the hub site has more authority then the localized sites? Or is there something maybe happening with technical SEO? Possibly a schema set-up issue? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciative, we feel we our losing a lot of billable leads for each location the way Google is ranking the brand.

JL of GBoston.png

JL of New Haven.png

JL of San Antonio.png

Junkluggers of williamsburg.png

Colan Nielsen

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Jul 19, 2012
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The hub site has more authority and backlinks by a long shot. I would focus on increasing authority on the local site(s). I'd also optimize linking from the hub site to the local sites.

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