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Jun 28, 2012
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One of our member, an illustrious and infamous speaker on Local SEO, Greg Gifford from AutoRevo, just offered up a great free guide to Local SEO.

Looks like it's geared toward auto dealers, which is their primary market, but knowing Greg, it's good stuff. And if you've read Greg or have seen his industry presentations you know he always keeps it entertaining and informative!


Local SEO includes several elements that aren?t a part of traditional SEO, yet many automotive SEO providers don?t include these elements in their SEO services. This guide explains the differences between traditional and Local SEO and walks you through the additional elements needed to perform well in searches.

If you?re doing your own SEO, this guide will help you know what you might be missing out on ? and what you should concentrate on for the best chance of success. If you?re using an SEO provider, the guide can help you put your provider to the test ? and see if they?re doing the right things for your dealership.

Click over to read the rest and pick it up.
Thanks for the tip, Linda.

That's a great intro to local search. It gives people a quick shot of the need-to-know stuff. Nice job, Greg!
The guide states this: "You also need location keywords in your title tags and H1 heading tags."

Somewhere along the way, I thought I read it wasn't a good idea to put in the city and state - I thought it was spammy.


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Great guide, Greg! Thank you.:)
In title tag of website it's fine and helps. Just don't repeat over and over.

You might be thinking about adding city state to Places title - that's a violation unless your real business name happens to include the city.
This has changed now with the update to the Places Guidelines. You can now also include a descriptor with the business name. This could be a regional identifier such as city or neighbourhood. Or it can describe your business.

"In addition to your business?s real-world title, you may include a single descriptor that helps customers locate your business or understand what your business offers."

"Examples of acceptable titles with descriptors (in italics for demonstration purposes) are "Starbucks Downtown" or "Joe?s Pizza Restaurant". Examples that would not be accepted would be "#1 Seattle Plumbing", "Joe?s Pizza Best Delivery" or "Joe?s Pizza Restaurant Dallas"."

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