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Jul 22, 2012
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While trying to settle a verification issue for a client, a Google rep told us to make sure that we are always updating the page with pictures, videos and news (didn't mention the description, I wonder if that was intentional) or the page would be deleted when it was reviewed. Has anyone else heard this from their reps? Also, how often are they checking for updates? Sorry if someone has posted about this before but this is the first of almost a hundred that I've heard this.
Did they mention they were from Ann Arbor by chance? :rolleyes:
Often when I hear questionable advice it comes from a team there.

Support used to recommend poking your listing to be sure it was up-to-date and active.
So I still think it's a good idea to hit edit submit once a month.

And of course it's a good idea to be posting and keep pictures updated.

But you don't need to keep changing the listing so it does not get deleted. That's incorrect.

Was this a call or written support ticket? If support ticket would you mind giving me the ticket # and exact quote, so I can let Google know someone may be giving confusing or incorrect advice.
She didn't mention where she was from but the number the rep called me from was an (866) number which I've never seen. Usually our team gets calls from numbers with U.S. area codes. I just thought it was curious that she specifically said photos and videos. We make sure to go in monthly and make changes and update elements for all of our clients and haven't had any issues in the past so hopefully this will be the case going forward.
I have seen that you should create a post to your Google Plus listing every 21 days to keep a most recent post in the description side box.

Of course I can't find the article now that mentioned that.
Robin - I believe that was to have your most recent post show in the KG. But I could be mistaken.
Yes that's correct Robin, or somewhere in that timeframe. We have a post about it here somewhere.

Michael I pinged Google about this thread, but not sure if I'll hear anything back and am getting ready to run out the door for the day.

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