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Oct 17, 2018
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We've got a client who is a florist. Recently, she purchased another flower shop and instead of leaving it at its old location, she decided to relocate it directly next door to her current flower shop... so you have two florists that are next door to each other in the same building. (Yes we advised her against this, but she wanted to do it anyway and then complain later)

She wants them to both show up at the same time on Google Maps searches, but we've had difficulty getting both to show up for the same search. The listings get filtered to where one shows up for Keyword A and the other for Keyword B. I checked "the guide" and it mentions this exact scenario as an issue but I didn't see anything about strategies/etc. So, any tips or advice would be appreciated.

The businesses are truly separate entities- different business names, websites, and phone #s and she does have separate signage for both.. the problem is they are the same exact type of business. My workaround thus far was to make one of the listings' primary category "Florist" and the other one "Flower Delivery" to see if Google would differentiate between them.

Here are the two listings in question:
Hey Cordell,

It looks like you've already moved the Pin markers as far away from each other as possible, changed the category, etc. I'd try adding more photos, getting more/better reviews to try to boost the weaker listing...but I suspect the filter would still be an issue no matter what you do.
Yep, I'm betting it will continue to get filtered.
It won't work.

Approximately, you need 200-300 feet of distance between the listings pin markers on Google Maps, in this way, the listings won't filter out each other.

I got that information from a Google representative and Colan Nielsen mentioned it as well on a blog if I recall well.
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