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Jun 26, 2013
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happened yesterday. someone else said it happened to them.

had client send manager request to my email, went to click [accept] and nothing happens. Tried browsers, etc.

Some kind of glitch.

That is currently a bug that Google is working on the last few days.
That happened to me, too. Figured it was a bug.
I haven't run across this issue, but I usually accept from this link instead of the email: https://

For some reason even though GMB listings aren't linked to brand accounts anymore, this link still works for me to accept invites. Maybe it might work for you?
quick update - someone said log out and log back in and a couple days later it finally worked.
Yeah, Google seems to have fixed whatever the issue was. As of yesterday I could accept access A-OK. Even for the GMB listing I was offered access to while the bug was an issue. So it doesn't appear necessary to re-request access.

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