Nov 12, 2019
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Has anyone had their GMB completely disappear? (not showing in the SERPs, nor in the dashboard)

I've had clients remove access, been suspended... Never have I had it just disappear. Yes, I clicked on "all locations" view.

I msg'd Google support, few weeks and no reply.

Client (Joel Evan Pools) said he was getting what sounded like spam calls from GMB a week before it happened.
Jan 3, 2020
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Yes, just last week this happened. While Google won't say why it happened, I believe it is because the one I was working on is a real estate agent and changed brokers. Even though we don't believe they were on the account as a user, I think the former broker somehow got it removed before it could be updated. Pretty shady practices if you ask me.

I posted on the GMB Forum and Joy assisted with getting reviews back.

Luckily it wasn't an account that the client was doing much with, but she did have 16 reviews that we got back.

I do actively check who is on my client's accounts as a User, but this one wasn't a current client. I had done an audit and optimization in the last year, so I wasn't going into it completely blind, which helped.

Good Luck!

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