Jurant Dika

Nov 20, 2018
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I want to try and run some posts with GIFs.
From what I have read until now, there is a possibility, but not sure if that's in compliance with Google rules (guides on posts don't mention guides on GIFs, just for photos and videos, and what you need to comply with), but there is one section/note that mentions that "Note: All existing Google My Business content policies, review policies and photo guidelines apply to posts."
When you check the photo guidelines link, it leads you to this support page and within the section Format Specific Criteria its clearly stated under photos and videos that "Screenshots, stock photos, GIFs, other manually created imagery or imagery taken by other parties should not be uploaded."
But there is one live example, like at RustyBrick has posted such post, and it's still live - link
An earlier example on tweeter, now it's removed (by google or the user, not sure).
Any other resources to read, or recomendations to follow?
Thank you


LocalU Faculty
Jul 18, 2012
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I don't think this is anything Google is enforcing so I'd just go ahead. The guidelines are more for users not to add random GIFs to listings when the GIF has nothing to do with that place. For example, it wouldn't want me to add a random coffee GIF to a Starbucks listing unless I literally created the GIF based on a drink I had at that specific Starbucks.

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