Fahad Hassen

Sep 26, 2019
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How long does it take on average for the newly built backlinks to affect rankings in Google My Business/Maps Pack?

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
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Months, typically. But it depends on a lot of factors, like:
  1. Are the links pointing to the GMB landing page URL
  2. How relevant are the sites from which you've got the links
  3. Are they cheapo links anyone can get
  4. Is it just a blast and then you don't get more links for a while, or part of a steady stream and long-term project
  5. Are those your first or only good links so far, or are they the latest in an already-high body count
  6. Are your rankings solid already or just squeaking along
And so on. Expect for it to take a while. The lag time is unavoidable and, I suspect, intentional on Google's part. One can only imagine how much worse the spam situation would be if people could instantly see the benefit of this link or that link.

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