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Nov 17, 2016
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Have I been blind for a while now??? I am in the UK and I've only just noticed how the GMB 3 pack offers this filtering of Ratings / Hours / View History above the results if I type service + location and once inside the results I see the same + Best Match and Proximity if I just type a service?


Hey Michael,

Those filters have been available for a while now. Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing just so I can be sure you haven't stumbled on to something new?

Hi Colan,

Thanks again for responding. Please find snapshot below.

If that has been there a while do you know how long?



The "visit history" actually looks new to me. The other filters have been around for at least eight months I would guess.
Wow ok - a little shocked I never noticed it before.

I wonder if in the USA etc it was implemented 8 months ago but only recently here in the UK? Would you know whether that was or wasn't the case?

Thanks for taking the time to answer - much appreciated.

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