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Dec 12, 2013
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HI All,

I have seen a new bug for a couple of clients this past month. For some clients I track their traffic by state (realizing it's imperfect data), just to understand it a bit better. At the end of June the data changed pretty significantly. . . suddenly there was a lot more traffic attributed to Illinois, NYC, and other states that normally didn't provide much traffic. This happened to at least 4 different clients in different verticals, some with a good amount of out of state traffic (due to blogs), and others with very little out of state traffic.

For most companies, I see about 70% of their traffic coming from their Home state . . . for the impacted clients, that changed to less than 50%, for one, as low as 38%.

The total amount of traffic did not change, where the traffic was said to be coming from did change.

Here is a chart of data from a lawnmower shop in Pensacola. This chart shows total site traffic from Illinois over time


I see this with many other sites.

From what I can tell, it appears to be impacting Mobile traffic, from IOS devices.

Is anyone else seeing this? Is this part of the change in cookie handling?
I've been noticing something similar for the past few months. Several of my clients have had out of state traffic explode for no reason I can tell. Several have had traffic increases from NY and WA state without being anywhere near those areas. I dug around GA/GSC/GMB but didnt find much as to why.

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