Tim Colling

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Sep 3, 2014
Google Analytics - Is there any way to "search" for prior GA accounts, with a URL?

Hi -

I just started working with a client who has had a Google Analytics property ID installed on their website for a long time (I don't know how long) that is actually for a completely different website, according to Google support. Google won't tell me what that other website is, but maybe that doesn't matter.

The question I have now is this: is there anyway that I can use the client's URL to somehow search to find any prior GA property IDs that ARE associated with my client's website?

I don't think there is, but it never hurts to ask.

Thanks in advance,

Eric Marshall

Mar 27, 2013
Re: Google Analytics - Is there any way to "search" for prior GA accounts, with a URL

I think they will give you access to that old GA account if you contact support and go through their manual verification process.

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