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Sep 12, 2012
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So, had a franchise approach me about listing their 500+ locations on GMB. I have a few questions:

1) I haven't done Google bulk loading before, what do I need to know? Also, what do I need to know concerning doing 500+ locations?

2) Is verification done the same way by phone or will they automatically verify?

3) How long would this process take? Is it instant?

4) Any other things you think I should know.

Thanks all!
Hi Joshua,

We haven't done too many bulk uploads but when we do we always try to do a bulk verification outlined here -

There is a ton of great material at the help center for GMBL.

From my observations, Dan Liebson seems to have a ton of experience with bulk and he is probably a great resource to reach out to.
Thanks for replying Colan.

Quick question: in the bulk dashboard, can you hide addresses?
I don't believe bulk is currently available for SAB's.

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I concur with Colan. I don't think it's available for SABs either.
Not sure if this gives the answer you're looking for, but thought I'd pass it along;

From there, it says if you want to manage multiple locations you should use the Google My Business Locations, and then in the breakdown columns, it says "not possible to hide the address for locations that are bulk verified".
Awesome, thanks guys!

Anyone know if there's a reason behind this? Or have they just not added that feature in yet?
I agree with everyone. Google has also told us directly GMB Locations is not available for SABs.
I believe due to spam and so many questionable locations for many of the industries.
Some more info that might be helpful:

I have used the bulk verification for service businesses. They are just supposed to have regular hours and see customers. So it can depend on the business. You won't be able to hide address or set service areas with bulk verification though.

From this page:

Businesses that operate in a service area?plumbers, for example?may bulk verify only if their locations are also customer-facing during regular hours. These businesses will not be able to set service areas in the bulk management tool. Service area businesses without customer-facing locations should use the code verification system to verify their locations individually.

Pretty much everything you need for info on the bulk verification can be found starting at this link and following all the links to other info:
Hi Guys,

Wanted to throw in some good insight from a conversation I had with Mike B recently.

Any GMB user can see the GMBL view and even use the features that are there but that are not available in card view like special hours on a location by location basis.

But verification via bulk upload still requires a minimum of 10 locations and SAB's will not be verified via that path.

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