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Jul 25, 2012
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So, FYI... in not knowing enough about how Google 'business accounts' work in terms of managing multiple Google My Business pages... I got 14 listings verified in a 'non-business' account... then, in order to manage them with the 'business' account, I thought I had to export and import from one to another.

Google Business Account.jpg

I had to then remove the imported listings from that business account, as I see that they were just causing duplicate listings. I should have transferred ownership from the non-business to the business account instead.

transfer ownership.jpg

Also, when removing the duplicate listings, the dashboard mentions that you are deleting the account. You aren't deleting any Google Account really, you are just actually deleting the duplicate page you created.

delete page.jpg

Google Business Account.jpg

transfer ownership.jpg

delete page.jpg
Thanks for sharing your experience & screenshots with us Russ so others can learn from it.

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