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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I have an odd situation. My client had another company do their website (site A). When I went into Google WMT, it showed 500 links from this other website (site B). This other website (site b) was definitely created by the same company that did my clients site. The company hosts the site too.

I went to the other site to find these 500 links (links from Site B to site A), there were none. So I thought, well, maybe they were there and were deleted, or the company that created the site had an error, and fixed it, whatever.

then. . . I went to see some of the cached versions of Site B. and if you go to the cached version of site B (going to it directly from, the cachec version is of site A: with the URL listed as site A:. I checked, there isn't currently a canonical listed, or anything

I'm sure that is confusing, and I was tempted to blow it off, but, something seems fishy here. Any ideas?

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