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Mar 27, 2023
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Hi, I'm from Brazil and I just started in GMB.

I got my first client and found out that he had his GMB suspended for 2 months, but another one had been created automatically, without information, photos and without verification.
In a few days I managed to recover the main record, which I believe had existed for over 10 years (the company has 20 years of service) and soon after I asked google to delete the duplicate record (yes, I'm sure I asked for the deletion of the duplicate GMB).

Instead of deleting, google merged the two GMB profiles, however, it took all the information from the main account to the duplicate. As a result, I lost all access information, calls, routes, etc. Google did away with the main GMB, over 10 years old, and left me with the duplicate, only two months old.

And this was the result: before, searching for the keyword "virtual office" the company was very well positioned. Now appears on the 3rd page. Has anyone ever experienced this? Google says that there is no way to recover deleted files.

(And besides, google took away the "services" option. I can no longer register services or place a booking link, but my competitors, in the same category, can.)


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