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Jul 27, 2017
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This was relayed to me today. This listing just opened today. While attempting to add the open date of today, the listing went into pending review. So they went to the love result to edit the listings via suggesting an edit. That is when they saw the People Also Ask (PAA) in the Google My Business (GMB) Knowledge Panel (KP). They also notice that you can use suggest an edit feature to alter the PAA for the KP. After they solicited help from their friends, they were able to get the listing to show that it opened today. They checked their other future open date listing and did not see the PAA blue links. Example 1
Example 2

suggest an edit people also searched for.PNG

total crap.PNG
I'm really curious if anyone else has seen this.
This is very interesting but I have not seen it in our accounts.
I saw this one in February:


And this one in March:


But it's no longer showing on either of those listings.

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