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Jul 26, 2012
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Google+ Local (formally Google Place or Places for Business) does not have a guideline in the Google Places Guidelines for the Business Description. We know the limit is 200, that you should not keyword stuff and it should be readable. This is if you have the old dashboard as we still do.

Any guidelines we have learned about the Business Description have been from Google and Your Business Forum and people we consider experts in local search. For example; at one time you were not to use the same keyword or phrase that was in a custom category in your business description. Is there a guideline published as to what you can and can't do with your Google+ Local Business Description?

None of the listing we manage have updated to the new dashboard. We are starting to wonder if we will ever see it. When we make any changes in the old dashboard, such as adding new photos, they never update. Is the old dashboard still working?

Also, please let us know if you or your clients have the new dashboard.

Hi Susan,

Most old dashboards have not updated yet, so don't worry.

Old dash = slow/stalled data updates and 200 char description. (So not you, it's just they aren't going to fix old cuz busy working on new.)

When you get to new dash updates are faster and you can do a long description.

G will not put out specific guidelines like the tips I've shared because they feel it just gives that spammers a roadmap to follow.

So my best practice advice still stands. To be on safe side so you don't trip a filter, don't repeat name or city there and don't do excessive repetition of the KWs in your cats.

Also even though you CAN do a longer desc. realize that will push down reviews so I still would not go crazy with it.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the quick response! I thought we might not be alone waiting for the new dashboard - good things are worth the wait.

We'll hold off making changes and updates until the dashboards are upgraded. And stick with your best practices and tips.

Have a nice afternoon!

The old dashboard is as slow as ever. Wouldn't count on seeing photo uploads go through during your lifetime.

The new dashboard upgrades seem to happen at random. Several of my clients have it. But many don't.

For the "description" field in the new dashboard or in an "upgraded" Google+ Local page, one thing I'd suggest not doing is going crazy with the links / anchor text. Maybe have 1-2 links to subpages on your site, but that's it.
Hi Phil,

It's good to know that some of your clients have the new dashboard and others don't. That means there on their way. We have a couple of clients that want to merge their G+ Business page with their G+ Local page, but have been holding off until they have the new dashboard per Mike B's advice during the InsideLocal expert webinar.

By the way, you did a great job as one of the experts for the Inside Local webinar. You too Linda! We're excited about the series and can't wait for the one on Reviews.

Out of curiosity how long has this roll out been going on? Wasn't it announced last year????

I still haven't had a single dashboard change over. This is the molasses roll out imho.
Thanks, Susan!

The BrightLocal webinar on reviews on September 25 will be fun. Don Campbell (of Expand2Web and GetFiveStars) will also be on it.
Hi Dave,

You have too laugh - it is a slow rollout so they do it right. They released it early April, but it was only for new pages then.

As I said above, good things are always worth the wait. As soon as we have one new dashboard, we will have a celebration.


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