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Apr 26, 2013
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Google+ Local Page and "Other" Google+ Business Page - What to do if anything?

Hi all, I have been studying other posts but do not see a clear answer on this. I finally got the new Google Places for Business Dashboard upgrade. When visiting my own listing from the Dashboard I noticed my account did not include the Google+ Business page I setup a long time ago. When I clicked on the Google+ Page icon in the left navbar it created a new Google+ Local page. This new page shows that it is verified, and is linked to Google Maps. Here is the URL:

So, I reached out to Google Local support to see if I/they could replace the newly created page with my older one. Here is a link to the older page:

Google replied with this answer:
"It actually looks like you're writing in about other types of Google+ pages (that aren't in the local category). My team is here specifically to address questions about local Google+ pages, so I unfortunately can't be much help here."

Both pages use the same email address to access and I am the owner of each. At this point I feel the new page is the more important one since it is verified and displaying in Maps even though I do not have any followers on it. No Reviews on either so that is not an issue.

My question is should I just leave both pages out there or delete the older one and loose my circles and posts? It does not appear that I can merge the 2 pages.
Re: Google+ Local Page and "Other" Google+ Business Page - What to do if anything?

Hey Cagro,

The Google employee is correct. This page was not created in the Local Business or Place category so you will never be able to merge it with your Google Places page -

So start focusing on your newly merged page - Maybe reach out to your followers on your old page and ask if they can follow your new page.

Might as well delete the old one, but it won't cause you any harm that I can think of if you decide to just leave it and forget about it.
Re: Google+ Local Page and "Other" Google+ Business Page - What to do if anything?

Thanks Colan. I kinda thought as much but it is great to know it for sure.

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