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Nov 16, 2015
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Hi sorry, too late to change the post! Not sure if this is true actually :(

Hi guys,

Some of my clients (in The Netherlands) received an e-mail from Google about phone-extensions coming to ads in local Google search/Google Maps on 30-01-2017. Anyone else received this e-mail?

It has an image which looks like the Local Pack (or is it the Local Finder?) showing an ad on top (and Google Maps as well). Perhaps one step closer to ads in the local pack? :confused:
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Hi Robin,

Can you share the screenshot and/or the e-mail?
Hi Guys,

Here's a screenshot. It's in Dutch but the image is English.




Well that image looks pretty clear!! Do you happen to speak Dutch? I really wanna know what that email says.
Hi Joy,

I do speak Dutch but the e-mail is very vague..

It basically says (I think) that if your ads show a business-location (there's a link to GMB), from 30-01-2017 there will be an option added to directly call your business (via the ad).

Some quotes from the e-mail (translated):

"It is important to give people the opportunity to make direct contact to a local company and ensure that they have the same functionality as other ads in local search results."

"As of January 30, 2017 local search ads with specific business locations can potentially generate more calls to the telephone numbers of these locations. This update has no effect on standard text ads with location extensions."

"We recommend that you look at your Google My Business account to verify that your business listings contain the correct phone numbers."

"Please fill out this form before February 8, 2017 if you do not want to generate paid calls from local search ads"

On Maps and in the Local Finder the ads already have a call-button right? So maybe ads are definately coming closer to the local Pack? :confused:
Hi Nolan,

Indeed, i hadn't seen that! It's pretty much the same e-mail, only this time they added the screenshots.

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