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Mar 18, 2014
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In general, when taking on a new client, is there any way that our company can "start from scratch" with the client's Google account?

There have been many times when our Google work is very delayed when taking on a new client because of several reasons:
- it takes forever for client to find their Google login
- they don't have their login anymore
- time constraints

It would be nice if we could get their Google login as soon as possible after signing a new contract with us, but that's not always possible.

In situations like I just explained, what do you recommend? Thanks in advance!!:eek:
In situations like I just explained, what do you recommend? Thanks in advance!!:eek:

Get their log in. That's it. Coach them on all the different ways to try to find it or remember it.

You used to be able to just re-claim but you can't any more. And when you did that in the past it caused all kinds of problems.

Sometimes if you threaten them with an extra charge, then that log in they could not find, will magically be found in 5 minutes flat.

"Dr if you can't find your log in then it creates all kinds of problems and extra work and I'll need to take time to get ahold of support. So if you really can't find it I'm afraid I'll need to bill our support fee of $95 per hour for any extra time it takes to work through this issue for you."

Amazing how fast they come up with it then. :p
I often claim listings that have been previously verified. Google support is very helpful these days. One thing that is helpful is to have an email available that uses the customer's website domain, such as instead of an unrelated email like Gmail.

They will often call the customer while you are on hold with them and usually the listing is available to be reverified in 5 minutes to 48 hours. I have done this many, many times.
True Michael, thanks for bringing that up. I should have mentioned that as plan B if you CAN'T get log in.

I just meant 1st course of action is to try hard to get the log in so you don't need to go to plan B. Because depending on a variety of factors sometimes support can't just give you access that easily and there are sometimes some hoops to jump through.

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